WaveCrest acquires Retail United and Agenda Retail Group

WaveCrest acquires Retail United and Agenda Retail Group

The shopper marketing agency WaveCrest Group, with headquarters in Denmark and operations in five countries, acquires Retail United AB and Agenda Retail Group. This is part of the internationalisation that WaveCrest has initiated with the aim of becoming one of Europe’s leading agencies in shopper marketing. 

Retail United and Agenda Retail Group currently have around 200 employees, of which around 20 works at the head office in Stockholm. The rest work in the field or in projects. Customers include Electrolux, ATG, Sony and Nespresso. 

”We have been very successful and have grown rapidly together with our customers while generating good results for our owners year after year. Now we see that we need a larger physical presence in several of our markets to be able to take the next step in our growth journey, and we get that by becoming part of WaveCrest,” said Andreas Broman, CEO of Retail United International AB. 

A notable trend in today’s marketing landscape is brands spanning numerous channels and countries, seeking agencies capable of providing service´s and competence across disciplines and markets. This drives the need for new partnerships. 

– The acquisition of Retail United and Agenda Retail Group positions WaveCrest Group as an agency capable of meeting the needs of existing and future clients, offering a full-service solution of marketing services, from analysis and advertising to events and field activations across all Nordic markets, said Sune Nielsen, CEO of Wavecrest. 

WaveCrest was founded in 2020 by a merger of Denmark’s two largest agencies, Brandiators and Gorm Larsen Nordic. In 2022, WaveCrest acquired the Finnish agency Harva Marketing Oy and the Romanian agency G7. Today, the agency group has more than 120 clients in five countries, including Romania, and an annual turnover of EUR 27 million. 

The acquisition is a step towards WaveCrest vision to become a leading European shopper marketing agency. 

”We have over the years met Retail United as a competitor in tenders and both looked enviously at each other. Now we will continue to develop our footprint together instead. With Retail United onboard we are now more than 500 employees. We are already among the best in the Nordic, and we want to become one of the best agencies in Europe,” said Sune Nielsen. 

For further information, please contact: 
Andreas Broman, andreas.broman@retailunited.se or +46 72-888 18 66. 
Sune Nielsen sune.nielsen@wavecrest.io or +45 25 35 70 58