Junior Data Analyst – Sony

Junior Data Analyst – Part-time 40%

Overall Role and Responsibility
The Junior Data Analyst collects and manages data according to the tasks set by Retail Activation Manager at Sony Nordic. The Junior Data Analyst is also responsible for optimizing, developing and analyzing reports that applies to the assignment reflecting Sony Nordic. The job also includes administration and preparing templates and reports related to the assignment. The job will consist of data management, reporting, business analyses and administration.

Key Tasks
Data collection, reporting and management
Coordination and collection (manual) of sell-out data (QTY and VALUE) to SA-teams, minimum bimonthly (support in validating store countersize).
Collection of monthly total sell-out data not only on account level, but also on store and category level.
Collect GFK master Data TV market.
Data extraction, cleaning and manipulation from various data sources. fx. Genba results uploaded by SA teams (>sf.com)

Data management
Based on collected data, support in validating focus stores based on creation on countersize Lorenz curve.
Based on collected data and GFK data, project future Sony sell-out targets per month.
TGT= 17-18% in house share on average.
Calculate promoter monthly bonuses (mthly).
Calculate SA bonuses (mthly).
Own the Sony promoter file and secure monthly updates (actual sales, bonus et.al).

Running reporting
Data collection and analysis, budgeting and ROI-calculations
Update reports for MCM
Pull data from SAP
Update God Files shared with SA team on a weekly basis
Modification/ update of SST reports for various accounts to fit business needs
Make Bilka’s SST file on a weekly basis
Update Financial file on a monthly basis
Calculate bonuses and fill in Bonus template
Update Sell-out files weekly
Share reports with the team
Update Rolling file with the latest data
Ad-hoc tasks
Prepare monthly TGT proposals
Extract Genba visits data for BA – monthly
Create templates for various new/ongoing projects

Qualifications & Experience
Proven commercial experience, preferably in a similar industry
Proven experience in retailing
Higher education, preferably with an economic background
MS Office experience, EXCELLENT Excel Skills
Great command of English
Proven track record, hunter mentality
Strong analyzing skills
Has an open mindset towards, embraces and continuously initiates and implements change
Pro-active mindset

Key Competencies
Analyzing Skills (Level 3)
Data Management, excel (Level 5)
Initiative / pro-activity (Level 3)
Service focus (Level 3)
Business focus (Level 3)

Key Performance Indicators
Way of working
Reporting according to timeline
Error margin

Position placement
Position placement