PlayStation – Recruitment and Education

Recruitment and Education

In spring 2016, we were commissioned by the Playstation to recruit and educate both retail and demo personnel to activate and remind consumers of the brand.

We have been working to ensure the launch of Playstation VR, the world-premiere product in October 2016. We were at one of Media Market’s major fairs in Norrköping for the first time to showcase the product and let consumers test the gaming experience of the future. In order to ensure that the product reaches all the way to consumers, we have also trained the shop staff at Gamestop and Webhallen.

This spring also released the biggest game title of the year – Uncharted 4. Our store staff were in place at 8 Media Markt department stores during the launch to inform consumers about the Playstation and the new game to maximize customer experience and sales. The game was the most sold in May at Media Markt.